Maritime and port projects

Since its early days, OGENSA has specialized in port projects, starting out in the port of Gijón where it undertook the repair work on the Santa Catalina Dyke, and later moving on to carry out numerous projects in ports and harbours, both in Cantabria and in Asturias, amongst which the harbour wall of the fishing village of Cudillero stands out as one of its most notable achievements.

This latter project, on the west coast of Asturias, required the use of prefabricated concrete wall sections with dimensions of 10 meters in height by 1.5 metres in width and a total weight of 30 tonnes. Due to the presence of large rock masses, the area had to be prepared using underwater explosives.

Today, OGENSA can feel proud of the projects it has carried out in such a sensitive field, the finest example of which was a large-scale project, namely the new harbour in Luanco, on the Asturian coast, requiring the use of a total of 2,500 concrete blocks, weighing from 30 to 60 tonnes, to make a dyke to protect this new fishing harbour.